Contributions of Neurico for smarter cities and transportation

Recently we were happy to join a symposium organized by one of the leading providers of AI core technologies. Below we list the highlights, and how Neurico's technology fits.


Smart cities and homes

Modern cities allow for well-organized and convenient lifestyle. But, how to combine a good environment in the limited urban space? It is of course about the infrastructure design, but monitoring and organization of the transportation also play a significant role. Yet, the transportation eco-systems are quite complex. They involve more and more automated assisting and decision-making sub-systems; on the other side, the human factor is unlikely to fully disappear in the next several decades. As with every new technology our lives rely on, new auto-pilot and decision-making systems need to be thoroughly tested before becoming a permanent part of the real transportation world. It turns out that, to ensure safety, automotive transformation will develop gradually, at small steps at a time. How does Neurico contribute to smart cities?


Optimal traffic management, faster and safer transportation

Real-time traffic statistics provide the decision-making systems with accurate traffic load information; thus your board computer would know the best route at the moment. As more information the management system has, a more adequate route suggestion it will provide. The car make and model recognition core of Neurico complements that flow of information.


Improved security

Neurico's technology adds an additional level to existing security systems. Such is the license plate verification check to confirm whether the license number shown on the plate of the actual car corresponds to the make, model and color registered to that plate. The car make and model recognition engine and the automated license plate reading engines are independent, but both integrated into a single system.

     Similarly, automated barrier access control systems could make use of the make, model and color information.

     Car tracking, a usual part of automotive security could also be improved significantly with the additional make & model information.



Better car servicing and maintenance

Even in the era of self-identifying and self-reporting vehicles, as our lives depend on the reliability and security of transportation tools, additional, independent layer to determine car identification details could help for higher reliability, efficiency and more precise functioning of any automated car support system, including car washing and fuel charging stations, and targeted advertising.


From the cloud to the edge

With increasing number of practical AI applications, it turns out that AI needs to be independent of the cloud, and move closer to, or even get integrated into the end devices, "to the edge". Here Neurico helps with providing recognition engines that could be directly integrated into the embedded system or end customer devices, such as smart cameras.


Spread databases

Using a single database into end-client device could be inefficient - with all the difficulties to maintain large datasets and update these frequently. Thus, the end-AI-enabled-device could contain an optimized, small or medium-sized dataset that serves the frequent requests, and, only in special, rare cases the cloud large dataset to be accessed. Neurico covers the embedded market of car make and model recognition, as well as provides a cloud solution in the form of an application program interface; thus, Neurico’s solutions could fit any kind of system architecture.


Better connectivity

As connectivity improves, guaranteed services take place. The direct, high-volume, frequent access to the cloud would not cause burden, and the car make & model recognition service, using the online API of Neurico will also be guaranteed. The cloud solution of Neurico is suitable for customers in well-developed urban environments, for relatively large systems involving thousands of connected cameras.


Automotive industry - one of the largest consumers of AI solutions

Transportation is an inevitable part of modern life. The performance of cars and their related managing systems determine our daily work routines and outcomes, the cost of living, the comfort, and safety. As such, the automotive industry is a key motivator for the invention, creation, and application of the new technologies. In a car, we can see almost all kinds of special materials, sensors, control systems, and artificial intelligence, including voice processing and computer vision. The technology of Neurico completely fits - both inside- and outside-car environments and the team of Neurico is eager to provide even more ideas and solutions to the computer intelligence in the automotive world.