We use deep learning and most advanced methods to provide automatic recognition of make and model of cars from images. Our tests show that our technology offers the highest accuracy of car make and model recognition in the world.

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Car make and model recognition for a better world


     Once there was the famous phrase "The horse is here to stay, but the automobile is only a novelty – a fad." The situation changed a lot since then, and nowadays the automotive industry is often blamed for contributing to global warming and pollution. Meanwhile, we started seeing ...

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  • • Allows building a real-time system on GPU-enabled hardware
  • • Car-related information services and statistics
  • • Targeted advertising
  • • An integral part of next-generation in-car video camera systems
  • • More informative video surveillance services
  • • Stolen car discovery
  • • Vehicle monitoring in parking lots
  • • Verification of automated license plate reading


Neurico is a startup company founded in 2016. We are eager to build the world-most accurate model for recognition of car make, model and year. After an year of hard work, our first beta is coming soon. Being a young company, it is driven by professionals with year-long experience in the field of artificial intelligence.


In May 2018, Neurico joined the IBM's Global Entrepreneur Program
In May 2018, Neurico joined the acceleration program of FasterCapital

Contact us

Our API for image recognition will be released by the end of 2018. SDK for car recognition from video is planed for Q1 2019. For further information, partnership requests or other inquiries, send us an email at: